Our Adoption Policy

All the pets in our shelter have already lost their homes at least once, in some cases even several times. It is our goal to find suitable homes for them where they can stay for the rest of their lives, thus providing them with the kind of stable living conditions that they so urgently need.

Since it  is common for members of the military community to be transferred to different places all over the world (including countries where keeping pets is very difficult, such as the Middle East area), we do not want to take the risk of having the animals returned to us when their owners have to move. In the past we were frequently confronted with such situations, and a high percentage of the animals that we had entrusted to American pet lovers lost their newly-found homes once again after a comparatively short period.

It is for this and no other reason that we have decided not to hand over any of our animals to members of the military staff and their families.

American citizens who live here as civilians and who intend to stay in the area for a longer period of time are, of course, welcome to adopt animals from our shelter.


Please note: American pet lovers have frequently pointed out that adopting one of our animals for a comparatively short period is still better than having them put down after a prolonged stay at our shelter. This might be true in many countries, but not in Germany, where animal welfare laws do not allow such a procedure. Animals that have not been adopted after a certain period of time will not be put down, even if this means that they will have to stay at our shelter for the rest of their natural lives.